Teardrop Tree of Life Urn Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry Memorial Ashes Pendant Heart Keepsake for Women Girls
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Teardrop Tree of Life Urn Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry Memorial Ashes Pendant Heart Keepsake for Women Girls

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*This stunningly beautiful Teardrop Tree of Life necklace symbolizes adoration, loyalty and Eternal Liferemembrance jewelry is used as a remarkable way to memorialize a loved one,you will never lose your memories.

Gather and arrange the suggested items listed below.
♥A fill kit, small funnel, needle, is included with your purchase.
◆a thin towel
◆a small sheet of clean paper
◆small funnel* to fit the compartment urn
◆small sieve (optional – to sift clumps from fine ashes)
◆liquid adhesive or glue (check with your vendor – OneWorld Memorials includes glue with each piece)
◆small plastic spoon
◆a clothespin (to aid in propping up the bottom or side-loaded cremation pendants)
Follow these easy steps to fill your jewelry urn
1. Place the thin towel on an ample workspace. This ensures that all urn parts are visible and close at hand.
2. Layout the tools, supplies, and container with ashes on the towel.
3. Lay the piece of paper on top of the towel. Take a small portion of cremains and place them on the paper. Use the spoon to separate large bits (if any) of ashes from fine ashes. (You can also use the small sieve to separate any larger bits from the fine ashes). The paper will also collect stray ashes while you're filling the urn.
4. Locate the screw cap on the jewelry, and open the ash chamber.
5. With the plastic spoon, scoop a small amount of the fine ashes from the paper.
6. Place the small funnel into the compartment opening. If the jewelry doesn’t lie flat, use a clothespin to hold the jewelry upright with the opening at the top. (Or, consider having a family member or friend help you.)
7. Pour a small number of ashes from the spoon into the funnel. Gently shake the ashes through the funnel. If needed, use the needle to gently push ashes through the funnel. Be sure not to fill the chamber to the top. There needs to be room to easily put the screw back without disturbing the ashes.
8. Use the needle to clear away any cremains from the threads. The cap should easily screw back in without obstruction.
9. To finish, wipe your urn necklace with a fine cotton cloth

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